Erica Wang is a writer, teacher, and coach with a passion for authentic living.

"My work with Erica gave me the tools to take charge of my life and improve my overall happiness.  She has a gift for providing clarity and perspective to the power struggles and social interactions in which we limit ourselves.  She provided me with a solid bridge between the fuzzy interpersonal areas and the solid foundation of third party hard facts. 

I feel empowered to play a greater role in my own destiny in my work and personal life.  Through those conversations, I've found simple ways to share my gifts to make the world a better place."
- Krishna Sethuraman

"I became acquainted with Erica 10 years ago through work. A friendly catch-up lunch led to a couple of phone conversations as I dealt with my father's unpleasant response to my coming out. Erica's insight and book recommendation provided needed clarity and understanding to a disruptive parental relationship."
- Maggie H.