May 21, 2010
While listening to Rick Steve's podcast this morning on drug policy reform in Portugal, the former Drug Czar shared a nugget of wisdom on humanity: By changing we risk losing control.  I believe this truth is another way of looking at the discomfort of the beginner's mind: the state of doing something new and letting go of having mastery of the resources and skills, as well as a firm belief in the success of the outcome.

I believe it's easy to kid ourselves into believing the permanence of life through routine, especially as we age.  The beauty of life is that it is always changing, adapting, transforming.  And yet, we find ourselves surprised to be lying on the floor when change pulls the rug out from under us.  How can we continue to expect continuity?  How can we be so resistant to the natural flow of life?  The source of the confusion lies in our identity with the material world, and our forgetfulness in our spiritual permanence.

May 20, 2010

I believe we are here to learn our true nature, and once the secrets of our hearts our unwrapped, to live in the light, expanding the energy of creation to others.

We create our own suffering for ourselves and others.  So do we also create emancipation.  It is up to us to make the choice between the two within every action, reaction, and interaction.