Choices December 2000
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December 2000
Volume I, Issue 2
“Each man’s life touches so many other lives, and when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole.”
-Clarence, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
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Note from Erica
This month’s newsletter focuses on holiday rest and wellness – a foreign concept for most.  A friend recently reminded me that the earth is in the process of slowing down; this is the time of year for quietness and sleep in preparation for Spring’s germination.  And yet, we humans speed up our lives and activities during this time.  We hardly ever schedule adequate rest time.  My hope is that you find some truth in this newsletter that will help you to make your holidays filled with peace.
Merry Christmas--Happy Hanukkah--Bountiful Kwanzaa--Bright Blessings

Holiday Wellness
Would you rather hibernate than face another December?  Then it’s time to take a look at how you celebrate the holidays.
REALIZE THE PRESENT IS A PRESENT.  Make your peace with the past.  Holding on to memories (whether good or bad) can be painful.  Acknowledge the importance of memories, learn from them, and let them go.  We also damage ourselves when we force people or situations into our expected outcomes.  Take some quiet time to discover what you need this holiday season and share it with your loved ones.  We can be more fully present by letting go of the past and disassociating from possible future outcomes.  Take your time to enjoy all the senses of the holidays.  The only reality is the moment.  This is a perfect time to slow down!
CREATE SPACE RATHER THAN FILLING IT.  When you think about it, many faces of the public want you to buy more, do more, and be more this season.  Holding on to this impossible fantasy leaves us broke, tired, and disgruntled.  Think about all you have done in the past and make a list of activities you “have” to do this year.  Challenge yourself to cut it down by a third.  Welcome space by blocking out time in your schedule for rest.  It is necessary to balance quiet time with socializing for optimum health.
PARTICIPATE IN OR CREATE SOME RITUAL THAT HAS MEANING TO YOU.   A New Year’s hike, baking Christmas cookies, or driving around to see Holiday Decorations can rejuvenate your energy and fill your soul. Give gifts people really want.  Most family arguments arise from unmet needs.  Ask your loved ones what they need most from you and give it to them within integrity.      Take the time to examine the thoughts behind gifts you receive.  Thoughts may lie deeper than you think.  Be thankful.  It is easier to accept the value of blessings when we have ample time in the present moment.  Affirm your abundance by thanking the universe.
Enjoy YOURSELF this holiday season.
Action Guide
-LETTING GO RITUAL:  Write down memories of Holiday’s pasts (both naughty and nice) on scraps of paper.  Sit quietly and when the moment feels right, drop each memory on a roaring holiday fire.
-CREATE SPACE:  Create a list of activities you “have” to do and cut it down by a third.  You CAN do it!
-ENJOYMENT:  Be fully present to a holiday ritual that has meaning to you.  Make it as sensual as possible so you’ll want to be in the moment.  Make this a SELF-centered activity or invite a loved one to join in.
Extra-credit:  Take a long winter’s nap.
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  * Check out the chapter entitled ‘Holidays’ in “The Simple Living Guide” by Janet Luhrs.
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  * “Simplify the Holidays” (Simpler Life Series) by Allana Baroni

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