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December 2001
Volume II, Issue 12


Note from Erica
The Top 10 Ways to Be in the Present
Action Guide

Note from Erica

2001 has been an extreme year of change for many people.  Not only have we continued to be touched on a global and national level with the terrorist events of September, but many in our communities have been touched by unemployment, life threatening illness, or divorce.  2001 has indeed called us to adventure and encourages us (whether we are inclined to or not) to continue the growth of our character, our minds and our hearts.

Last month we ended with the twelfth stage of the Hero's Journey.  This month I am running an article I wrote during the Holiday Season last year for  Presence of Mind is a wonderful gift and tool to use, especially during this season.

As I write to you, we currently have 354 subscribers to this monthly newsletter.  It is my intention to provide a newsletter which both educates and entertains.  It should do more than take space in your email inbox.  That said, I'd like to hear from you and know your opinions on this newsletter.  Please see the action guide below for more information.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful holiday season and love and laughter in 2002.



The Top 10 Ways to Be in the Present

1. Change your affirmations from future to present tense.
Change "I will be five pounds lighter in June" to "I choose healthy ways to nourish myself." By stating our goals, visions, and beliefs in the present tense, we give them immediate power to happen now.

2. Gently redirect your mind back to the present whenever your thoughts stray.
Being in the present is a gradual process. Forcing, punishing, and feeling bad about yourself will disempower you.

3. Live your life with joy.
If you are presently content, you have fewer reasons to chase illusions.

4. Open up all of your senses and experience the moment.
What do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and know on the deepest level about this moment? These thoughts can help ground you in the present.

5. Realize that time is never wasted; it's only spent.

6. Celebrate the passing of time by enjoying each season.

7. Deliberately place your focus on present action rather than past regrets or future worries.

8. Keep your fear in proper perspective.
Fear is a tool for survival, but it shouldn't be leading a filibuster in your head! Allow other emotions to have airtime.

9. Look at the big picture.
Often we get caught up in the details and our perspectives become skewed. Take a step back - take three steps back. Expand the picture as far as your mind can conceive.

10. Breathe.

Action Guide

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