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January 2002

Volume III, Issue 1


Note from Erica
"Be Not Afraid of Greatness"
Action Guide

Note from Erica

Hello, Choices Community,

Over the next year, we will be exploring the different aspects in the character of the Hero's Journey archetypes.  We will take a look at how the trickster, the shadow, the gatekeeper, and the hero (to name a few) offer a perspective into our own humanity.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you, reading your thoughts, and answering your questions:

Wishing you prosperity, self-growth, and peace in 2002.



Be Not Afraid of Greatness

Be not afraid of greatness.
Some are born great.
Some achieve greatness.
And some have greatness thrust upon them.

-William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Ironically, out of all the characters in the Journey, it is the Hero who is often most afraid of his potential for "greatness."  The hero may be master of his ordinary world and knows how to work the system, but the word "great" implies a level of being that can seem unbelievable to the hero.  "I could never be like that." says the hero.  "I'm just ...."  Yet it is the hero who defined the dream of being great in the first place.  He has created his own definition of what is great.  What the hero learns through the journey is if the dream can be conceived, than it can be achieved.

Each of us must have a goal, a dream, a direction to walk in this life.  When we are afraid of becoming great, big, well known (or however you personally define great), we cling to our smallness.  We cling to what has been achieved or settled for.  We want to only deal with the known.  We have witnessed the result of our lack of motivation, our undreamed selves, and uncharted directions:  Life WILL provide us the impetus to grow, the "call to adventure".

Action Guide

What does greatness mean to you?  Does "being" great mean "doing" more?  Who decides when you are great?


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