Choices March 2001
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March 2001
Volume II, Issue 3

"Every man is a hero and an oracle to somebody, and to that person whatever he says has an enhanced value."  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Note from Erica
Meeting the Mentor
Action Guide

Note from Erica

Spring is here this month and symbolically it represents our awakening.  It is the time to nurture that which has been dormant over the past few months and to bring it forward into the world.  It is the time between decision and action.  It is the time to open our selves to opportunities.

I wish you growth, openness, and spiritual awakening this month and always.


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  • Become familiar with the types of people met on a journey and their functions in helping you achieve your rewards.
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Meeting the Mentor

Are you the hero of your own life, or the supporting character of someone else's story?  Who makes the choices in your life?  Who leads your life?

Meeting the Mentor is the fourth stage in the Hero's Journey. The hero has accepted the Call to Adventure after much internal debate (Refusal of the Call) and seeks training to prepare for the ordeal (attempt at big change). The Mentor may be sought, or appear on his/her own.  Memories of past mentors whose words of wisdom suddenly have more meaning can appear in the mind of the hero and guide him through the current journey.  Mentors can be gift givers, bestow advice and information, and always have some prior adventure experience themselves.

The word Mentor comes from the Greek word for mind, Menos.  Menos has several meanings: force, purpose, intention, mind, spirit, remembrance.  If we look at the root word, we are able to see the Mentor in a wider perspective.  The Mentor has knowledge, but his most important function is to enthuse (Greek for "god inspired") the Hero with spirit; motivate him to succeed past fears, obstacles, tests; assist the hero in defining his intentions and goals; and gift the hero with new perspectives.  There are many classic examples of hero, but one that stands out clearly in our current pop culture is the formidable Obi Wan Kenobi of Star Wars fame.

Next month:  Crossing the Threshold

Note: I will be switching gender pronouns (he/she) for every issue to keep the message inclusive for all.

Action Guide

Take a quiet moment to answer the following questions:

What kind of mentors have there been in your life?
Are all authority figures mentors?
Are mentors reliable?
What's in it for the mentor?
Can you have more than one mentor at a time?
Do you need to personally know your mentor?
What does it take to be a mentor?
How do mentors prepare you (the hero) for life?
Do mentors need to be with you during your journey? Or can wisdom from past mentors serve you during current journeys?
How are you your own mentor?

Extra credit:

Write a note of thanks to a mentor (living or deceased) who has helped guide you through an ordeal.


What are your favorite hero stories?  Send your answers to
What is the meaning of your life?  What is your purpose?  How can you be a better you?
Let's find the answers together.  Call me for a free coaching session at 408-739-2975.


Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!, Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter - excellent book on financial literacy and parent child messages.

The Mentor's Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships, Lois J. Zachary - a well liked book on the mentoring process

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