Choices November 2000
Choices E-Newsletter
November 2000
Volume I, Issue 1

Note from Erica

Welcome.  I present to you the first in a series of newsletters entitled "Choices." It is my hope that these newsletters will spark curiosity, provoke thought, and support you through your journey of self-discovery.


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Don't curse the darkness.  Light a candle! - Chinese Proverb

Living Deliberately

Many of us know someone who believes he is a victim. This person may be seen throwing up his hands in the air as if he was saying I have no control over what happens to me.  "I can't help being...."  "If only that didn't happen, I could have...."  "It's not my fault that...."  "I can't do anything about it."

It is a common trap to fall into and at some point in time we have all subscribed to this attitude when the obstacle seemed impassable, we couldn't change someone else, or we tired ourselves from trying.

At five-years-old, I hated taking ice-skating lesson.  Tired of falling and bruising myself, I stubbornly decided to give up and sit on the ice until the class was over despite my instructors' cajoling.  Nineteen years later, I led a very fun social outing to an outdoor holiday rink.  My athletic skating skills had not changed much over the years, but the spirit to which I "hit" the ice did.  Despite my bruises, I had a fabulous time and attracted many new friends, including my husband.

Through the years and divine grace, I've come to believe in the power of perspective and choice.  I've felt the unbelievable thrill of freedom and know that I never again want to surrender my choices and outcomes to others. I started my work as a coach because I was excited about working with people who wanted to live deliberately and were ready to take responsibility for their own peace, success, and legacy.

You always have the ability to choose how you will respond to a situation.  You have the ultimate freedom of creating yourself rather than wasting your energies on changing others.  Empower yourself by choosing to embrace that which "defeated" you and finding a new perspective of the original obstacle.

This newsletter is entitled Choices as a dedication to those who want to live deliberately every moment of their lives.

Action Guide

Your challenge this month is to create a quiet moment to reflect on these questions:

What specifically is holding you back from loving life and how can you
transform it?
Do you tend to react or respond to stressful situations?
How can you start living deliberately?

Extra-credit:  Rent the film "Life is Beautiful"


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