10 Life Shifting Behaviors I Learned from Comedy Improvisation

1.   Give your inner critic a vacation.

Focusing on what is wrong diminishes your creative power.

 2.  When (not if) you make a mistake, laugh and move on.

 3.  Humor happens when you aren’t trying.

When you TRY to be funny (insert any quality here), chances are you won’t be.  When you are open to possibility, humor will find its way to you.

4.  You are truly “thinking out of the box” when you can name or see a use for something that was never originally intended.

By letting go of everything you know, you make room for new connections.

 5.   When you fully commit to an improvisational scene, it’s the energy that touches the audience.

If you make a mistake with energy and enthusiasm, people support you and find you entertaining.

 6.  A strong and energetic contribution will receive a strong energetic reaction.

 7.   Focus on the team rather than ignoring the audience.

It’s hard to NOT do something.  By having a clear focus on the task at hand, the other considerations take care of themselves.

 8.   When you limit your focus to yourself, rather than the big picture, you lose the audience’s attention.

 9.   Preparation rituals and games help players to arrive on stage already energized.

By preparing for events mentally, physically, and emotionally, we are ready to share our passion and energy at the ready mark.

 10. Supporting the team helps set the stage for your contributions.