10 Ways to Solve a Problem

 Issues often arrive on the doorstep with a lot of baggage:  emotions, fears, potential risks, and possible
consequences. Changing your perspective on an issue might help you find a win-win solution.  Here are a few creative ways to expand your perspectives and put the emotions in check.

  1. If the issue could be viewed from fifty feet up in the air, what would it look like?
  2. If the issue was a conflict in a comedic movie, how would it be handled?
  3. If the issue was a conflict in a melodrama, how would it be solved?
  4. If the issue was an animal, what kind of animal would it be? How would you interact with it?
  5. Become the issue. How do you feel? How do you look? How do you want to be handled? What are you trying to hide?
  6. Personify the issue and write a letter to him/her. Explain what you want from him/her and what you are willing to give.
  7. Again, personifying the issue, interview him/her for an article. When and where was the issue born? What are the issue's major accomplishments? What makes the issue newsworthy?
  8. Draw a map of the issue. Where does your issue reside? What roads lead to or from the issue? Are there any major points of interest near by? Is it easily accessible?
  9. Express the issue through a piece of art. There is no need to be an artist. By interacting with the artistic medium, your hands may lead you to an answer.
  10. Keep a journal by your bed. Right before you go to sleep, write a bit about the issue and then ask a question. When you wake up in the morning write down your dreams. It may take more than one night to get your answer, but the insight may come among interpretation of the dream symbols.