10 Ways You May Receive a Call to Adventure

Every personal change or transformation you have undertaken began with the Call to Adventure.  In the literary and film worlds, it is known as the inciting incident, the event that makes us aware of a lack or gap that exists in our lives.  The Call to Adventure is part of the path known as the Hero's Journey.  We all take hero's journeys to find balance and learn the truth of ourselves through experience.


1.   A friend says something in passing that sticks with you.

Example:  “You are so conservative and stable!”


2.  You receive surprising results from a routine medical exam.


3.  You become engaged, divorced, or pregnant.


4.  You are fired, laid-off, enlisted or promoted.


5.   You decide to move your residence.


6.   You are being sued.


7.   You win a contest.


8.   You bump into a networking contact unexpectedly.


9.  You receive an ultimatum from a loved one.


10.  You receive an acceptance letter.